Scale up quickly at peak times? Provide a personalized customer experience from A to Z? Direct payment at the point of sale activity? The XV mPOS is the latest addition to the XV Retail platform. The app is your flexible POS, for optimal efficiency.

XV mPOS is more than an app.

It’s a shopping assistant. The solution optimizes the efficiency of your staff. Your product advisor can accompany a customer from entry to payment thanks to XV mPOS. And it is your tool for queue busting during peak times. Thanks to XV mPOS, a shelf stacker or product advisor can also assist with a mobile checkout. The XV mPOS is your key to an even better customer experience.

De XV mPOS is a headless solution.

Where the Android App is the presentation layer of the POS on your PDA. As a backend, the XV Basket Engine is used. Through the Basket API, the XV mPOS has the same article data, discounts and integrations as in the other XV Retail applications. One time integration, just as easy, the advantage of a fully integrated platform and our many APIs.

The key benefits of Mobile POS for you as a retailer:

  • Higher conversion rate
  • Purchase can take place directly at the time of sales activity
  • Optimal service: one employee can handle the entire customer process, from advice to payment.
  • Optimal efficiency of your employees. Shelf fillers or product advisors can also be used as cashiers.
  • More flexibility, less fixed cash registers. XV mPOS can also be used in places where you cannot have a fixed cash register, such as your pick-up point.
  • Less queues at peak times. A temporary rush at your fixed cash registers is quickly eliminated by using mobile cash registers.
  • Seamless integration with XV Retail via the Basket Engine, the virtual shopping cart that forms the ‘back’ of your checkout.
  • No cloud dependence: Mobile POS continues to work even if your internet is temporarily down.

Curious about the possibilities of Mobile POS?

Our Ctac specialists will be happy to help you. Together we look at which solutions from the XV Retail suite, including Mobile POS, help you as a retailer to work more efficiently and offer your customers even better service. Please contact Ivo via the form.