IT maturity audit

A clear route to the ideal IT landscape
An objective evaluation and a clear report
Review every element of your organisation
Proven IT audit methodology

IT-target architecture and roadmap

Ctac NEXT is a proven methodology for creating an IT target architecture, a roadmap and making it happen. This methodology identifies where the organisation wants to go, where the organisation is currently, which areas employees nominate for improvement, and the current IT landscape. It then combines all these factors to design the ideal IT landscape and the detailed steps needed to achieve it. Ctac NEXT takes your organisation on a journey with a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach.

Challenges that organisations face
  • Finding and embedding the right cloud strategy is always challenging
  • If structure and consistency are lacking, it can be impossible to scale the IT landscape
  • It is increasingly difficult for IT structures to keep pace with the organisation
  • The ERP system needs to be replaced in the foreseeable future
  • Excel is widely used because applications do not adequately support the processes
  • Employees expect a high level of user-friendliness from applications

Ctac NEXT step-by-step plan

1. Strategy and ambitions

First we look at your company strategically: its business model, strategy and vision for the future. These help to define the ideal IT target architecture.

2. End-to-end process model

We start with the current situation: working methods, successes, bottlenecks and the role of IT. This rapid and pragmatic analysis gives us an insight into the business processes.

3. IT requirements

We then round out the IT picture with applications and relevant aspects for the IT target architecture.

4. IT target architecture

With your insights, we design an architecture including the ideal systems. We put your vision for the future down on paper.

5. IT roadmap

We assist in the transition to the desired situation with a convenient, clear roadmap for IT and the organisation over the next few years.

6. Implementation

As an option, we can provide flexible assistance with executing the roadmap, from a programme manager to a full team. We are happy to help.

The ingredients of the Ctac NEXT method
  • Strategic objectives
  • Key business processes
  • Areas for improvement
  • Actors
  • Current applications
  • Business objects
  • Hard-copy documents
  • Key numbers
  • KPIs
  • IT policy and guidelines

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