Sometimes standard SAP software does not meet the needs of your business. With our no-nonsense approach, broad experience and in-depth up-to-date knowledge, we have been ABAP experts since 1992.
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Development as an integral part

You want the best for your organization. Always. Standard SAP software offers many possibilities, but sometimes just does not meet your business requirements. Ctac’s experienced and expert Development Team goes that extra mile. We align SAP software precisely to your business goals or develop a new solution from scratch. We integrate it seamlessly with your IT landscape, so that all your different systems talk to each other easily.

Development at Ctac

We have broad skills and experience in development. Our services are:

  • Developing software on top of SAP – This software uses the SAP data model and existing functionalities in SAP. Thus we simplify the software, and let it report and integrate with other systems.
  • Extending SAP software – We take advantage of SAP’s ability to customize its software components and extend functionality in a manageable way.
  • Develop new software – Using SAP tools, we add new functionality to SAP. Then we develop our own data model and our own functionalities. Often, however, this software is related to existing SAP processes.

A stable foundation in SAP Development

We develop not what you ask for, but what your organization needs. That way, we ensure that the software we build fits your daily operations and your goals. In addition to our extensive experience with S/4HANA projects in both private and public cloud solutions, our knowledge goes deeper. We have been experienced in ABAP since 1992. This provides a stable foundation, and ensures that we can help all SAP customers with the same expertise – not just companies working with the latest SAP technologies. Through this combination of solid expertise and experience with the latest developments, we create added value in your business processes.

We manage and maintain your software

Code quality is always central to the software we develop. The experience of our Development Team does not stop with the development of software. We also take care of management and maintenance. We design the software in such a way that stability, maintainability and user-friendliness are always guaranteed. This way, your software is future-ready, and easy to adapt when needed. The software is based on quality standards from the IT market and the SAP world.

Your partner in development

With stable IT knowledge, an integral view of Development and a pragmatic attitude, we take your business software to the next level. We develop what your organization needs, and approach software with an eye to the future. Are you ready for a Development partner who looks beyond your question? Our experienced team is happy to think along with you.

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