The boundaries between retail and wholesale are blurring, and manufacturers and end customers are getting ever better at finding each other. As a wholesaler, aim for an agile supply chain and an efficient omnichannel IT landscape.
Create an agile supply chain
Provide a frictionless customer experience
Streamline your omnichannel approach
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Our view of the sector

The wholesale sector is changing. Transparency online allows both consumers and business purchasers to navigate global sources of supply at lightning speed. They can locate and buy their products faster than ever before, at any time, from any channel. For you as a wholesaler, it is therefore increasingly important to build up customer loyalty by offering a frictionless customer journey. At Ctac, we help you use smart thinking to adapt to this new way of working.

Keeping pace with change

The end customer decides where, when and how you deliver. For wholesale businesses, it’s important that your supply chain keeps up with what these demanding customers want. Outdated systems are no longer good enough – today’s wholesale industry is all about real-time visibility and an omnichannel approach, combined with efficient, streamlined processes and up-to-date management information. By improving your (internal) logistics, you can keep your ordering process moving rapidly, guarantee quality and reduce costs to a minimum. The foundation for all of this is an agile and flexible IT landscape.

Streamline your supply chain

With our in-depth SAP and transportation knowledge, combined with extensive knowledge and experience of markets, we can help you streamline your supply chain and sales journey. We offer ERP, logistics and finance solutions that ensure your data is accessible anywhere, any time. SAP EWM, for example, allows you to keep up with changing market requirements rapidly, flexibly and efficiently. Embedded Analytics help you extract value from your data, and Return Management streamlines your returns process. With a well-designed IT landscape, you have total visibility of your supply chain, while delivering added value to your customers’ (purchase) experience.

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Your partner in the wholesale sector

With dedication and experience, both in the IT arena and in the dynamic wholesale industry, we work alongside you to improve your processes. Our broad expertise and integrated approach allows us to keep your IT processes efficient and agile, so that you can add maximum value for your customers. Every time. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

"Ctac is exceptional in the way they step up to the plate when the going gets tough. They communicate clearly, take feedback on board, and take the initiative and responsibility. They are always ready to collaborate to make things a success."

Dirk Van Houwe, IT Director of Cras Woodgroup

inriver PIM

Collect, enrich and publish your product data quickly and easily. With inriver PIM, you always have data in real time in every sales channel.

Inriver PIM


Optimise, innovate and integrate with the most cutting-edge, flexible ERP platform on the market.


Cyber Security

Cybercrime, hackers, data theft and sabotage can cause a great deal of damage. Ctac helps you keep your systems and data secure.

"We chose Ctac because of their experience in this market, their references and their team. The last point, in particular, was very important to us. This kind of implementation is people work. We're not looking for suppliers, we're looking for partners who challenge us." Sander Vreeken, IT Director of Technische Unie

Successful solutions in this sector

erp wholesale cloud hana sap ctac wms ewm partner

Ctac has been the SAP ERP market leader in the wholesale sector for 30 years. We know your challenges better than anyone, and know how to deal with them by exploiting the software’s functionality.

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erp wholesale groothandel crm sap pim inriver

SAP EWM enables effective management and continuous improvement of complex warehouse and logistics activities.

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Modern workplace

Online everywhere and at any time within your own secure business environment. From hardware to software and from next-level collaboration via Teams to cybersecurity.

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Boretti responds to changing customer needs with inriver

To scale globally, Boretti needed to build an infrastructure that would support omnichannel commerce worldwide, with a digital architecture that supported further growth.


Wholesale at Ctac

We at Ctac are your partner in the wholesale sector. With knowledge in areas such as embedded analytics, returns management and warehouse management, we build the best possible customer journey for your customers and an agile supply chain for you. We use our wide-ranging SAP knowledge and expertise to implement products such as SAP S/4HANA ERP and SAP EWM WMS that will optimise your wholesale systems.