Mediq is a major player in Europe in the sector of medical devices, total logistics solutions and care innovation. It delivers to the B2B channel, such as healthcare facilities, hospitals and primary care facilities, as well as directly to the patient, also referred to as the end user. Why this change? The capacity of the former five distribution centres in the Benelux was too limited and no longer met the standards.

Supply Chain



The request: major change that the customer is not supposed to notice

Tony Webster, Group Director Supply Chain Development at Mediq, faced a major challenge about 1.5 years ago. In order to achieve the desired improvement in quality, the plan was to dismantle the five existing distribution centres in phases and eventually bring them together in the new Fulfilment Centre in Bleiswijk. Tony Webster: “It obviously had an enormous impact on the entire organisation. With this exercise, we had to tackle our omni-channel approach and integrate both the direct and the indirect channels.” All logistics data flows arrive via a single SAP process and then need to be translated into different products, packaging and types of customers.

The solution: SAP EWM

Mediq already knew Ctac as a subcontractor from an earlier SAP job. Now Mediq Warehouse Management was looking for SAP consultants with a knowledge and experience of warehouse processes and warehouse mechanisation. And that is why he went back to Ctac. The essential was to integrate the SAP Warehouse Management, Pick to Light and the Order Storage Retrieval Shuttle from KNAPP. Ctac explicitly looked for ways to develop the entire automation process using the KNAPP layout in order then to implement it using smart processes.

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