Streamline, simplify and improve your warehouse activities.
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Grip on warehouse operations and customer requirements

WMS fully integrated within SAP

User-friendly and scalable

Speed is essential in the warehouse because optimized operational processes lead to cost savings and satisfied customers. With SAP EWM, you can manage and improve all daily warehouse operations. It includes smart picking and packing processes, handheld devices (smartphones/tablets/RF scanners), barcode scanning, cycle counting and integration with shipping systems.

Usability for every warehouse worker

With SAP EWM, ease of use is paramount. Clear screens (available in several languages, including Polish, Arabic, and so on) and logical processes enable pickers to work quickly and accurately. SAP EWM is particularly user-friendly for warehouse employees and connects directly to the ERP data. All warehouse movements, from incoming goods to shipping, are recorded real-time in the ERP inventory record, ensuring uniform visibility across the company.

SAP EWM Dashboards

These dashboards give you real-time insight into warehouse activities based on roles. Built-in KPIs, key metrics, reminders and shortcuts reduce the time normally required for manual reporting.


  • Increase your labor productivity
  • Reduce waste of goods
  • Deliver flawlessly and on time
  • Optimize the use of your shelves/warehouse locations
  • Track all warehouse movements and transactions in real time

Streamline, simplify and improve your warehouse activities?

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