Fetim helps to make people happy wherever they live and work. With a wide range of quality products such as facade panels and window fittings, the company is busy improving living spaces in more than 40 countries worldwide. Working with Ctac, Fetim implemented the Inriver Product Marketing Cloud PIM solution, so that all stakeholders now have access to full and up-to-date product information.

Fetim manages its wide range of home fittings efficiently and easily in the cloud with Inriver

As a leading Amsterdam-based company, Fetim supplies quality products for home improvements to builders’ merchants, DIY stores and wholesalers. Products include construction materials, window and wall fittings, floor coverings and sanitary ware. Fetim attaches great importance to providing reliable product information management (PIM) in order to handle this extensive range of 31,000 unique products and models correctly.


Lack of trust

Annemarie Auping is Fetim’s product data manager. She is responsible for ensuring that colleagues, packers, retailers and consumers always have the right product information at their fingertips. “We used to use Inriver’s on-premises solution for our product information management. But we didn’t set the system up to work productively for us. In addition, Inriver was installed within our ERP environment, which meant we couldn’t link it to our website. And then, our solution partner stopped supporting Inriver. Our employees had no confidence in either the installation or the partner, which meant that the system was never fed all the necessary data. As a result, it didn’t work properly and was rarely used. So we started looking for a new partner.”

"Our employees lacked confidence in the setup and the partner, which meant the system was insufficiently populated with data"

Annemarie Auping, Productdatamanager Fetim

Down-to-earth and practical

Auping chose Ctac as the new partner because of the company’s expertise with Inriver. “This time around, we were looking for a partner who knew the Inriver system well from a technical point of view. We instantly felt good about Ctac’s people. They’re down-to-earth and hands-on. They were also prepared to take us in hand and teach us how to make the best use of the system.”

Inriver Product Marketing Cloud

In consultation with Ctac, Fetim decided to uninstall Inriver from the ERP environment and to switch to Inriver Product Marketing Cloud (iPMC), a PIM platform for managing product information efficiently in the cloud. The switch was completed in October 2021. Now, Fetim can easily publish up-to-date product information across different channels.

Auping: “A key advantage of choosing Inriver Product Marketing Cloud over other solutions was that we didn’t have to start all over again from scratch. We were able to build on the data we had already collected in the on-premises version. In addition, we can now connect inriver to other systems more easily.”

"A key advantage of choosing Inriver Product Marketing Cloud over other solutions was that we didn't have to start all over again." Annemarie Auping, Prroductdatamanager Fetim

From 30% to 90% complete

Inriver Product Marketing Cloud and Ctac have regained the trust of employees who handle data, says Auping. “Now that we’re working with Ctac, colleagues can see that the PIM solution has a future. The redesign reduces the need to store duplicate information. It also gives us the opportunity to make it much easier to create links between similar products. This has led to a significant improvement in data quality within Fetim. The rate of data entry into our system has also improved enormously. It was less than 30% before Covid, and we’re now already at 90%.”

We’re in regular contact with Ctac about improvements to the system. That’s working out very well. I’d also like to bring together Dutch Inriver users to meet with Ctac and Inriver to share experiences.”

Greater transparency and easier searches

According to Auping, the biggest technical difference compared to before is the link with Fetim’s ERP. “If something went wrong there in the past, for example when uploading the data, we could rarely figure out why. It was truly a black box. Ctac, on the other hand, is very transparent about how they built the link with the ERP. That’s great, because we want to be able to make adjustments ourselves and not have to rely on our partner every time.”

According to Auping, Inriver Product Marketing Cloud is also a world of difference in terms of everyday use. “Take our sales support staff, for example. They often need to be able to find any random specific group of items following a customer request. In the past, they had to construct their search query very carefully, otherwise the search would hang. Now they can search much more simply in the web client using relevant keywords. That makes their work a whole lot easier!”

True partnership

Four months after going live, Auping is still very pleased with the functionality of Inriver and, above all, with the collaboration with Ctac. “Inriver is modular and so much is possible in the system. We can always find a way of working to match the specific wishes of a colleague. Every day, we keep learning more about ways to use and the functionality of Inriver and we sometimes run into processes that we want to set up differently. Ctac helps us really well with that. At the start of this project, we were looking for a solution partner who would truly collaborate with us and think things through with us, who would present the options and allow us to make the best choice for ourselves. Ctac does that better than anyone.”

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