Your customers deserve a frictionless shopping experience. Any time, any place, anywhere. You deliver this by getting to know your customers inside out and responding to their needs intelligently.
Create a frictionless sales journey
Manage your customer data centrally
Real-time information across every channel
Ivo van der Raad

Unified Commerce Expert

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Our view of the sector

The retail world never stands still, and the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are blurring. As a result, the number of sales channels is increasing rapidly – and with that comes the need to stand out from the crowd. As a company, you want to stay one step ahead of the competition and provide your customers with a frictionless customer journey any time, any place, anywhere. This starts with getting to know your customers. Only after you have acquired a 360° view of your customer base will you know how to serve it best. At Ctac, we help you get to know your customers and provide the best possible customer journey.

Improving the customer journey

Whether it’s setting up master data or your checkout application, or working on all the other processes and applications across your omnichannel landscape, at Ctac we have all the disciplines in-house needed to streamline and improve your sales journey. We can use Predictive Analytics to distil value from your ever-expanding pool of data. We can leverage our SAP knowledge to offer ERP solutions, and use inriver PIM to create a world-class online shopping experience with real-time information across all the sales channels. We also improve your customers’ experience with our Pricing & Promotion Engine, the XV Retail Suite, Omni Customer Loyalty and the Floating Basket.

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Your IT partner in the retail industry

As a trusted adviser, we work alongside you and pool our pragmatic IT knowledge with our dynamic retail knowledge. By combining our expertise in customer engagement, back-office optimisation, returns management, pricing, warehouse management and supply chain optimisation, we can ensure that you always meet your customers’ expectations.

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Unified Commerce By Design

With Unified Commerce, you can ensure that your customers have a consistent shopping experience no matter which channel they choose. This involves working with several systems, including a POS solution, online shop, ERP, CRM and integration into a marketplace. At Ctac, we apply the Unified Commerce by Design principle to our work, where we look for full integration of all the sales channels in your business. This enables you to manage all the channels and data from a single centralised platform, and your customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

"Ctac updated Action's point-of-sale (POS) system, our loyalty platform and the supporting infrastructure."

Martin van Dijk, Manager IT delivery at Action

Pricing & Promotion Engine

Consistent sales prices across every sales channel. The Pricing & Promotion Engine calculates prices and promotions in real time and suggests the best deal.


inriver PIM

Collect, enrich and publish your product data quickly and easily. With inriver PIM, you always have data in real time in every sales channel.

Inriver PIM

Omni Customer Loyalty

Turn your customers into devoted fans. With Omni Customer Loyalty, you can easily roll out a loyalty programme that puts your customers first.


Floating Basket

Create cross-channel and cross-device journeys for customers with their personal shopping carts. We integrate all your different systems using the Floating Basket.


Return Management

Customers expect a flexible and fast returns process. Keep things simple for yourself and your customers with smart organisation of your logistics and financial processes.


Cyber Security

Cybercrime, hackers, data theft and sabotage can cause a great deal of damage. Ctac helps you keep your systems and data secure.

"Sometimes you want to be able to drill down into specific numbers in a report and view the underlying data. SAP S/4HANA ERP's embedded analytics make this easy to do." Tom van der Molen, SAP Finance consultant at Jumbo

Successful solutions in this sector

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Ctac has been the SAP ERP market leader in the retail sector for 30 years. We know your challenges better than anyone, and know how to deal with them by exploiting the software’s functionality.

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XV Retail Suite

Manage all your checkout processes with our XV Retail Suite: the leading POS system with a hybrid cloud architecture designed for centrally managed B2B and B2C food and non-food retailers.

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Easily integrate with external service providers and sales channels, EDI and hardware at your warehouse locations. Ctac is the specialist for IT integration in the retail sector.

SAP Integration Suite
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Modern workplace

Online everywhere and at any time within your own secure business environment. From hardware to software and from next-level collaboration via Teams to cybersecurity.


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Business Intelligence

With analytics, the entire organisation is able to be data-driven.

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SAP S/4HANA gives Jumbo visibility

Three Belgian Jumbo branches are now running on SAP S/4HANA. With our help, Jumbo employees can now build all their financial and logistics reports themselves and gain better understanding via Embedded Analytics.

Retail at Ctac

We at Ctac are your partner in the retail industry. With our knowledge of ERP, Unified Commerce, our own XV Retail Suite POS system, and products such as a Pricing & Promotion Engine, Omni Customer Loyalty and the Floating Basket, we can set up the ideal customer journey for your customers, and a seamless sales experience for you. And with our broad SAP knowledge and expertise, we implement products such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP EWM to improve the systems in your retail business.