The international non-food discount retailer Action sells an impressive and extensive range of products at very low prices. With its success assured, it is seeking to grow even further by opening more branches in more countries. However, grand ambitions require the right support. That’s where Ctac came in: it updated Action’s point-of-sale (POS) system, loyalty system and supporting infrastructure.

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The request: the need for a future-proof solution

Action wishes to keep expanding in the near future, both in terms of its number of shops and the number of countries in which the discount retailer operates. This is why Martin van Dijk, Manager IT Delivery at Action, decided to critically evaluate the company’s IT systems. Van Dijk: “Growth dictates that you should take various factors into account, such as a continuous flow of new employees, larger volumes of products to process on a daily basis, and new branches that need to be up and running in no time. That places a great burden on our IT systems, which is why we asked Ctac to help us devise a future-proof solution.”

“We have 24/7 real-time insights into our branches’ results and can keep prices, product ranges and software up to date with ease from a central location” Martin van Dijk,  Manager IT Delivery at Action

The solution: XV Retail Suite

For several years, Action had been happily working with XV Retail Suite offered by Ctac. However, to lay the foundations for further growth, Ctac and Action decided to develop a new version of XV Retail Suite. “Ctac developed the software at an incredible pace. It then had to be supplemented according to our specifications, which included having the right product information for the right items, for example. After that, we had four weeks to roll it out in all of our shops. It was tight, but we managed it.” The end result was that more than 1,000 shops were migrated within seven weeks.

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