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The real estate sector is changing. Both the demand for data and the flow of data are increasing. With our help, you can reduce your administrative burden, always have up-to-date information and change direction when necessary.
Simplify your administration
Manage your customer data centrally
Focus on your core business
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A dynamic market

New developments are arriving thick and fast in the real estate sector. Legislation and regulations are changing to meet sustainability requirements, but other factors such as AI, Big Data, IoT and smart buildings are also playing a growing role in the real estate market. Both the demand for data and the flow of data are growing, and processes are becoming more extensive and complex. At Ctac, we help you improve and manage your business.

Organise operational processes more efficiently

At Ctac, we help you improve your operational processes so that you can work more efficiently with a minimum of administrative processes. Our goal is to allow you to focus on your core business. We implement and manage your IT processes, and also provide services relating, for example, to legislation. With our broad knowledge base, we are constantly seeking the ideal solution for the best way to manage your property.

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Stay future ready in Real Estate

We do not operate as a separate department. Thanks to our integration within a multidisciplinary organisation, we can quickly engage with colleagues and deploy, for example, our broad SAP portfolio. This expertise and experience is then reflected in the consultancy and advisory services we offer the real estate market. Our knowledge in the areas of data services, cloud and security also form part of our service delivery.

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Your partner in real estate

With dedication and experience, we work alongside you and help promote your organisation’s interests in the dynamic real estate market. We reduce the strain by improving your operational processes, ensuring that you can work efficiently with as little administration as possible. How can we put our business and IT knowledge into practice for you?

"Ctac were the ones who understood our request best. They stood head and shoulders above everyone else when it came to developing the customer case. Their good references also helped."

Tim van Schijndel, Director, Aham Vastgoed


Cybercrime, hackers, data theft and sabotage can cause a great deal of damage. Ctac helps you keep your systems and data secure.


Data services

Good data is the key to success. With expertise in data management, data analytics and data science, we extract value from your data.

Data Services

Consultancy and advice

Ctac goes beyond the technology. We help you get the most from your organisation by thinking strategically and combining business with IT.

Consultancy & advice
“SAP appeared to be the most suitable solution. We chose Ctac as our implementation partner due to their experience in the sector and their reputation in the field of cloud hosting. Ctac found a solution that supports our core business processes within the deadline." Toon Sneyers, IT Project manager at AG Real Estate

Successful solutions in this sector


Ctac has been the SAP ERP market leader in the real estate sector for the last 30 years. We know your challenges better than anyone, and know how to deal with them by exploiting the software’s functionality.

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Be ready for change with an agile, scalable cloud infrastructure. We work together to create a cloud strategy that suits your business.

Modern workplace

Online everywhere and at any time within your own secure business environment. From hardware to software and from next-level collaboration via Teams to cybersecurity.

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AG Real Estate moved to the cloud with Ctac

AG Real Estate is growing rapidly. To enable this growth, digitalisation is at the top of the company’s agenda. As AG Real Estate’s cloud integrator, Ctac hosts various applications for the company.

Real estate at Ctac

We at Ctac are your partner in the real estate industry. With extensive SAP knowledge and expertise in the fields of data services, the cloud and security, we can streamline the operational processes in your business. With our consultancy and advisory services, we always provide input about the best approach for your real estate business.