Nieuwgeluk Real Estate – part of the Nieuwgeluk Group – is a Dutch family-owned company, based in Hilversum, which invests directly and indirectly in real estate with a focus on retail and residential investments. Alongside real estate, Nieuwgeluk Group operates across a wide range of other investment categories, including retail, private equity and shares.

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Independent growth

Nieuwgeluk Group’s financial expertise comes in the shape of CFO Ton Rossenaar. Rossenaar worked for HB Capital for quite a few years, and after the split he went to Nieuwgeluk. “If the financial processes and taxation are in order, then I have done my job properly. If all of the legal side is correct and we have not slipped up anywhere,” he says. “Over the next few years, we want to continue to grow independently. We are focusing especially on Dutch real estate.”

Using Fit4RealEstate, modern real estate companies can easily meet the demands of both government authorities and stakeholders. Meanwhile, the system helps companies move forward in the areas of digitalisation and sustainability. Real estate companies can make better informed decisions based on the real-time management information, analyses and reports from Fit4RealEstate.

Fit4RealEstate was the solution that the team had already worked with at HB Capital. “Back then at HB Capital, we opted for Ctac because it was a Dutch company that offered a performant package, complemented by the type of powerful functionality you need to run your property portfolio. Making it simple to send out rental invoices, easy to identify the costs per property, that kind of thing. In addition, the software offered all kinds of options for management reporting and operational information.” Ctac and HB Capital’s cultures were also a good match. “We felt good about the people who worked there. They quickly won us over with their charm.”

Complete Solution

As the split of HB Capital drew closer, it quickly became clear that Nieuwgeluk and the other entity both wanted to continue working with Ctac and Fit4RealEstate. In the run-up to the split, the Nieuwgeluk team were wondering if Fit4RealEstate might be too large for them. “We were carrying on in a much leaner form, retaining just ten to twelve users. After carefully reviewing the usability of the solution, we chose after all to continue using Fit4RealEstate,” says Rossenaar. “As a professional real estate investor, you simply need to have the Fit4RealEstate functionality available. Even if we don’t use everything at the moment, we want to be able to deploy the complete solution later.”

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