Fit4 Real Estate

The most practical and user-friendly solution for commercial real estate companies.

You are active in the commercial real estate market. You want to manage your real estate optimally and improve your internal processes.

That’s why we developed Fit4 Real Estate: a modular, future-proof solution for the commercial real estate market.

This flexible cloud solution based on SAP ensures that all your business processes run efficiently. On the basis of real-time management information, analyses and reports, your organization also makes better-informed decisions. You are at the wheel.

Fit4 Real Estate includes standard processes, software design and relevant process documentation. When implementing Fit4 Real Estate, this acts as an accelerator. You are quickly up to speed so that your own organization is minimally burdened during the implementation.

Fit4 Real Estate is

The core

Powerful support of primary and support processes for real estate, leasing, maintenance, finance and procurement, for example. Fit4RealEstate’s ERP module is based on the SAP S/4HANA platform.

Analytics & Reporting

Make more informed decisions using the reporting and analysis options and property-specific KPIs provided as standard. In addition to these standard tools, you also have SAP Analytics Cloud, a platform for real-time Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and financial planning.

Integration platform

Integrate Fit4RealEstate seamlessly with other systems. This not only streamlines your internal processes, but also improves collaboration with chain partners and suppliers.

Portals & App

Give employees access to the applications they need for their work using any device. This allows your employees to use an app to approve invoices or purchase orders easily and quickly.

Fit4 Services

Besides delivering software, we also provide services after going live to unburden your organization. For example, we keep a finger on the pulse with the Stayfit4 program, there is a Fit4 User Group, management in the functional and technical areas and we provide on-site support in the execution of processes.

More information?

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Benefits of Fit4 Real Estate

  • Get a rapid and full overview of tenant and property management information
  • Benefit from automatic reporting
  • Communicate clearly with tenants across multiple channels
  • Always be in compliance with regulations
  • Designed for commercial real estate companies of any type
  • Cloud solution
  • Consultants with industry knowledge
  • No upfront investment in software licences; a monthly subscription
  • Future-proof, innovative and scalable


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