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Be prepared for any change with an agile and scalable cloud infrastructure as the foundation of your organisation.
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Cloud infrastructures: make your organisation agile and scalable in the cloud

Nowadays radical transformations are always imminent. They can be social transformations that affect your business model or technical transformations that affect your IT landscape. Whatever happens, your organisation should never come to a standstill because of such events. An agile and scalable IT infrastructure in the cloud helps you to achieve this.

Best fit cloud strategy for your cloud infrastructure

How can you switch to the cloud? And what infrastructure suits your organisation best? Ctac will be happy to provide you with pragmatic advice on the best cloud strategy and the best path to the cloud for your organisation. We can rely on more than 25 years of experience and infrastructure solutions for private cloud, Microsoft (Azure) public cloud and SAP.

From on-premise to the private or public cloud

Moving from an on-premise infrastructure to an SaaS application like Microsoft 365 or SAP S/4 HANA can be a great solution to become more flexible. However, it is not always possible to phase out existing systems and switch to new software applications in the cloud.

Ctac has extensive experience in moving current applications to the cloud. We also offer a pay-per-use cloud infrastructure with a scalable capacity, meaning you don’t have to invest in advance or worry about having sufficient computing power or storage capacity. We also ensure that your data is secure and that there are back-ups and fallback options in the event of a disaster.

Pay-per-use and flexible contract types

Ctac offers flexibility in terms of costs (pay-per-use) and contract types and terms for every cloud strategy. This allows your organisation to respond quickly to every change in the best possible way. It also increases your agility and ability to innovate.

An IT infrastructure in the cloud makes your organisation more agile and optimally scalable. To find out more about switching to the cloud, contact Ctac. We will be happy to help. Feel free to get in touch for more information.

Ctalk: Journey to the Cloud

The switch from working on-premise with your IT landscape to operating in the cloud is a big step. Whether you’re migrating your existing applications or starting from scratch with a cloud-based ERP implementation; you’re stepping away from the familiar, and that may feel like a risk. But: migrating to the cloud also delivers great benefits, including long-term cost reduction and improved resilience, flexibility, performance and scalability of applications and processes.


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Private, hybrid or public cloud?

Discover the most suitable cloud environment for your organisation with help of Ctac’s specialist experience and expertise.

Ctac Private Cloud

Have a powerful, secure foundation for your cloud infrastructure and applications in Ctac’s private cloud.

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Amazon Web Services

AWS is the next step in your cloud strategy.

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Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Rely on the stable Microsoft Azure Public Cloud as the foundation for your organisation and get started with intelligent applications.

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Ron Janssen

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