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The number of digital sales channels is increasing sharply. How do you ensure that the entire purchasing process is streamlined?
Yentl Bosma

PIM and DAM advisor

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The number of digital sales channels is increasing significantly. As a retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer, it is therefore important to streamline your customers’ entire (online) purchasing process even more.

New-generation Product Information Management platform

Inriver is the new-generation Product Information Management platform (PIM) that allows organisations to sell more products more quickly. With the inriver PIM solution, you can manage your product information intuitively and efficiently, and easily share relevant information via different channels. It allows you to create a first-class online shopping experience and real-time information on every sales channel. More and more companies are using the inriver platform to quickly and easily collect, enrich and distribute all product marketing information in several languages to all marketing and sales channels, such as e-commerce, web, e-mail, mobile, point of sale and print. Inriver works intuitively, can be implemented quickly, provides very fast time-to-market and saves on activities such as translations and digital asset management.

Inriver PIM advantages

  • All your product information consistent across different systems
  • Usability
  • Short implementation time
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Savings on activities such as translations and digital asset management
  • ETIM extension possible
  • Integration knowledge

Avoid the risk of errors when manually entering product data. With Ctac’s Etim extension, you can automatically import product classifications to Inriver’s PIM system.

Inriver Platinum Partner

As a Business & Cloud integrator, Ctac has extensive experience with integrations of inriver PIM. We are happy to help you integrate inriver with ERP, E-commerce and Mobility & Point of Sale products, among others.

At Ctac, you've come to the right place

Unique extension

Our unique ETIM extension has received a Marketplace award from inriver. With this solution, we offer organizations a complete platform for product information management.


Technology is only half the puzzle. People are the other half. Because your system can be as good as it is, but if your people can’t work with it, it won’t work. That is why we pay a lot of attention to the adoption of inriver. Ctac has its own change experts for this.

Life after live

Once inriver is up and running, your digital transformation is not complete. That’s why Ctac is also there for you after going live. With hosting and maintenance. But also with a wide and varied range of services and options that help you get even more out of inriver.

Prepare your organization for the Digital Product Passport (DPP)

Your product information transparent and accessible to all. The digital product passport is coming, to your organization too. That presents you with an opportunity. If you take the right preparatory measures in time, you can gain a significant competitive advantage. A fully transparent and demonstrably environmentally friendly product also offers added value to your customers. How do you seize this opportunity?


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