Data Analytics

With analytics, the entire organisation is able to be data-driven.
Improve your data quality and structure
Work with a single source of truth
Get more control over your assets

In today’s market, you face several challenges, and analytics is your ally to stay ahead of the competition. Data analytics used to be complex, but now it is seamlessly integrated into software solutions, and accessible to the entire organisation. Employees can now analyze data themselves, create reports and make informed decisions. In short, with analytics, the entire organisation is able to be data-driven.

Yet, it can get quite complicated. At Ctac, we work every day on various architecture issues, advise you on analytics tools and support you in data collection. This is how we ensure that you have more grip on your data.

Analytics: more than just insights

Obtaining up-to-date insights is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have these days. And crucial for making effective decisions. Is your goal to identify new opportunities and respond better to customer needs? Then make sure that analytics is an integral part of your business processes.

At Ctac we believe that the combination of Embedded Analytics, Data Warehousing, Predictive Analytics and Data Engineering is crucial to making good analyses and reports. We therefore approach analytics in a holistic way.

Embedded Analytics

Embedded features

Embedded Analytics, the name says it all – the data is embedded in the software. So it is possible to analyse your data in real time. It is the purest form of reporting with the principle: what you see, is what you get. Many companies use Embedded Analytics, especially in S/4HANA implementations, where it comes standard in the software. It allows you to analyse data and create reports to make better decisions.

Data Warehousing

The power of decision-making

Data Warehousing provides a structured repository for processed data, allowing quick and efficient access. Nowadays, this is done via the cloud. The main advantage of cloud-based analytics is cost savings, scalability and accessibility. Because with cloud-based analytics, you can easily retrieve data from data lakes, endlessly combine datasets and present information on different devices.

We train employees in the latest analytics tools, such as Datawarehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud, and share our experience. Are you working with Microsoft Azure and Power BI? No problem, we can help you on a template basis.

Key tools in Data Warehousing
• SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: quick and easy access to trusted data for confident decision-making.
• Microsoft Power BI: transforms data into rich analytics and visual reports, providing decision-makers with relevant information.
• SAP Analytics Cloud: harness the power of data for qualitative decision-making.

Predictive Analytics

The right prediction

Prediction is already a tried-and-tested method within the business world, but it has undergone a real evolutionary leap over the years. Technology can process complex data, which brings new insights. Turn data into insights and make smarter decisions that move your organisation forward.


Strengthens your position

Reporting adds value by generating insightful analytics and visual reports. This integrated approach promotes data-driven decision-making, improves operational efficiency and supports strategic planning, ultimately strengthening your company’s competitive position.

Data Engineering

A good structure

Companies increasingly want to base decisions on data. Therefore, it is important to have a good structure for collecting and analysing data. Because every organisation is unique, it is essential to pay attention to how data is aggregated, what capabilities are available, and what innovative approaches can be applied.

Whether you want to do simple analysis, store data in a central location, or need complex Data Engineering, we will help you. We use best practices and, using SAP guidelines, assess how mature your data analytics environment is.

With Ctac, your success comes first

Together we ensure that data analysis becomes the driving force in your organisation. At Ctac we translate your ambition into a well thought-out strategy. With our endless curiosity, we understand better than anyone how you shape your organisation. We convert that insight into a process design and future-proof tooling, fully tailored to your needs. Collaborating with Ctac means choosing a partner that looks at what really suits your organisation. That is how we put your success first.

Wondering what Data Analytics can do for your organisation?

Together, we ensure that data analytics becomes the driving force in your organisation. Get in touch with our experts.