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Sumitomo Chemical Europe has large amounts of company data. But how do you ensure that business users can independently extract valuable information from that data? Together with Ctac, Sumitomo implemented SAP BW/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud to make data more accessible and to provide employees with more overview.

The challenge: making data accessible to the business

We asked a Senior IT Manager at Sumitomo Chemical Europe (hereafter ‘Sumitomo’) why the company has been working with Ctac since 2006: “In 2006 we migrated our ERP to SAP ECC together with Ctac. That collaboration went smoothly and only got better. Ctac is a good fit for us in terms of organizational size. It is small enough for personal contact, yet offers a wide range of services.”

“SAP ECC contains and generates a lot of data. But our business users cannot easily interpret or use it. In addition, operating conditions are constantly changing. We were therefore looking for a user-friendly and flexible solution that helps us make the data more accessible for the business.”

Senior IT Manager Sumitomo

The solution: streamlined, efficient data processes

Sumitomo and Ctac jointly launched the Bright Windows project to gain better insight into company data. The project will be realized in three phases. First at Sales, then at Finance and then at Logistics. At the time of writing, the first phase has been completed. As part of the process, Ctac is implementing the data warehouse SAP BW/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) for analysis and business intelligence. The solutions run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud service. Ctac takes care of the functional and technical management of the applications that run on AWS.

“Thanks to these tools, employees can extract value from data independently, without the help of IT,” Sumitomo explains. “We expect that with BW/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud we will streamline our data processes and that we will analyze data in a more efficient way. In addition, our processes become more cost-efficient, because we pay based on what we actually use instead of license bundles.”

The result: motivated users thanks to participation

To increase the value of the implementation, Ctac supports Sumitomo in creating support in the organization: “We regularly organize so-called ‘fly-in’ sessions where users can drop in to ask questions and share insights about the data project.”

”The Bright Windows project brings together the best ideas from different users. This is reflected in the intrinsic motivation of our business users. When we present the solutions, they are enthusiastic about the possibilities and cannot wait to get started.”

Working together as equals

Sumitomo attributes the success of the fifteen-year collaboration with Ctac to open communication. “We look for solutions together and only stop when we are both satisfied. In addition, Ctac is not afraid to go against us every now and then and to convince us of a more suitable solution. This constructive approach makes our collaboration equal and successful.”

”Ctac now has extensive knowledge of our projects, processes, needs and users. They transfer that knowledge internally, which ensures continuity.”

Expand internationally

Because the Bright Windows project already offers clear added value for Sumitomo Chemical Europe, it may be continued internationally. “We are thinking of an accelerated rollout within Sumitomo’s other European entities. In addition, we hope that the data project will contribute to improving the work processes between Europe and our headquarters in Japan. As this project continues to prove itself and we actually use data more effectively, we hope it will be adopted throughout the Sumitomo group.”

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