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Data management

The challenge

Managing commercial information

M&G Group has been using a product information system for many years. In this system, they tag each product they develop with specific characteristics, including the size of the product, the material it is made of and how users need to install the product. However, the system was less suitable for managing commercial and marketing-related product characteristics. Wouter Bossink, Product Information Manager at M&G Group: ”We couldn’t add marketing materials such as pictures, brochures and detailed product descriptions in the system. This made it very complicated to create catalogues and brochures, for example. And that meant it was time to streamline our commercial product information.”

The solution

Control of up-to-date technical product information

After a careful selection procedure, M&G Group chose inriver PIM. “We can now easily add marketing information to the technical features of our products. This allows us to enhance the product information, and all the data is available from a single central location. In addition, we can create digital product sheets at the touch of a button . Ctac has developed PDF templates that we use with inriver to automatically fill in the right information. If any information changes, the platform also updates the product sheets immediately. This way, we keep our commercial publications up to date,” states Wouter Bossink.

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