“IT is one of the most important factors in shaping our growth strategy, making clients even more key. Clients today and tomorrow want to live the Lunch Garden experience in different ways: in the restaurant as well as through a number of tools such as the order app”, says Ann Biebuyck, CEO of Lunch Garden. “We want to make Lunch Garden ready for the future, in both the short and medium term.”

Automating manual and repetitive work

One of the biggest IT challenges at Lunch Garden was the amount of manual and repetitive work. In addition, the previous ERP system was limited in scope, and the absence of real-time reporting on the data was a major obstacle. The system also had few options for connecting with other tools and programs. Thanks to the right investments in IT infrastructure, Belgium’s largest restaurant chain has been able to overcome these challenges and to respond faster in order to take the right decisions.

The results that Lunch Garden wants to achieve through this digital transformation project – in the short and medium term – have been clearly defined. Business processes have been streamlined, critical financial processes automated, the monthly closing accelerated and a foundation laid for centralised data management.

"We want to prepare Lunch Garden for the future, in the short and medium term."

Ann Biebuyck, CEO Lunch Garden

Trust in SAP, AWS and Ctac

With SAP, AWS and Ctac as partners for this digitalisation project, Lunch Garden firmly opted for innovation. “It was a perfect match straight away. From the start, it was clear that the importance of open feedback was on the agenda for all parties. This element is essential to align expectations and deliverables”, says Frederik Depovere, Managing Director of Ctac Belgium.

"It was an instant perfect match. From the start, it was clear that the aspect of open feedback was high on the agenda of all parties." Frederik Depovere, Managing Director Ctac België


In order to achieve its future ambitions, Lunch Garden needs a solid IT foundation. This is built on SAP S/4 HANA, which will form a good backbone and provide the necessary insight to the data. Lunch Garden has a clear cloud strategy and wanted to implement S/4HANA on the AWS platform they already trusted. “We were already running some applications on AWS and were very positive about using it. An important technical reason for choosing S/4HANA was that this application can be hosted on AWS using the SAP RISE methodology. This keeps our entire IT landscape centralised and well-organised”, says Ann Biebuyck. Ctac advises and supports Lunch Garden in its AWS cloud strategy, applying its specific AWS skills. Ctac implemented the Lunch Garden Content server and ADS server on AWS.

“We’re very pleased that we’ve been able to contribute to the bigger story of Lunch Garden”, says Stijn De Beuckelaer, Managing Director of SAP Belgium & Luxembourg. “Together with SAP Partner Ctac, which has sound expertise in the retail sector, we were able to contribute to the achievement of Lunch Garden’s ambition: to become a digital, agile organisation that’s ready for the future.”