Amazon Web Services

AWS is the next step in your cloud strategy.

Ctac, your Amazon Web Services partner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and widely deployed cloud platform, offering more than 200 fully equipped services from data centres around the world. Millions of clients, including the fastest-growing start-ups, major corporations and leading government agencies, use AWS to reduce costs, become more agile and innovate faster.

Ctac makes your switch to AWS quick and easy and provides supplementary solutions, such as forecasting, so that you’re even better placed to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Why opt for Ctac as your AWS partner?


Ctac has a large number of AWS-certified professionals which allows us to help you on short notice anytime.


Many customers initiated and completed their journey to cloud with Ctac. From cloud ready assesments, organizational change consultancy, End-2-End cloud migrations to cloud support en optimizations.


Optimize your inventory levels and production process by automatically predicting demand. The knowledge of Ctac and the power of AWS makes it possible.

Why use Amazon Web Services?

AWS is more than just a cloud platform. It brings together every advanced cloud computing technology, meaning users have an unprecedented number of options at their fingertips – including servers, storage, networks, remote computing, email, mobile development and security. All this is offered in a pay-as-you-go cloud computing model. It is therefore possible for end users to scale up or reduce computing, storage or processing capacity at any time.

Ctac is your certified AWS partnere

How do we add value? Ctac has a long history of successfully assisting clients on their journey to the cloud. With the addition of AWS to our cloud portfolio, we’re continuing to focus on the most advanced techniques, which is what our clients expect. We help you to bring data from all your applications together in AWS through integrations. We help you to analyse this data so that you can better manage your processes and make any necessary adjustments. Our extensive knowledge of forecasting helps you to predict trends and incidents, enabling you to take the right decisions.

The latest Ctalk: Journey to the Cloud

The switch from working on-premise with your IT landscape to operating in the cloud is a big step. Whether you’re migrating your existing applications or starting from scratch with a cloud-based ERP implementation; you’re stepping away from the familiar, and that may feel like a risk. But: migrating to the cloud also delivers great benefits, including long-term cost reduction and improved resilience, flexibility, performance and scalability of applications and processes.

Understand and get the most out of AWS

The value of the cloud goes beyond reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). AWS clients also see significant improvements in other areas, including workforce productivity, operational resilience and business agility.

Leading organisations understand that the value of using AWS isn’t just limited to cost reductions, as the Cloud Value Framework helps clients understand the business value of moving to and building on AWS.

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Raul Biskupek

CEO Analytichem

“The AWS platform offers us the desired scalability. This is of course ideal with a view to our future growth. And furthermore, the platform has extensive standard functionality, which we can work well with.”

Ann Biebuyck

CEO Lunch Garnden

With SAP, AWS and Ctac as partners for this digitization project, Lunch Garden resolutely chose innovation. “It was an instant perfect match.”