Aspen Oss, part of the South African Aspen Pharmacare, produces active ingredients for pharmaceutical companies all over the world. As at so many other companies, Aspen was not giving data the full attention it deserved. With no clear data plan, the knock-on effect of this was evident in the company’s processes. That was, until Aspen changed tack and set up a solid data management approach.

Data Management

Supply Chain


The request: an error-sensitive process

“Data plays an important role in Aspen’s supply chain,” says Supply Chain Director Simon van Dingstee. “The process from raw material to finished product can often take between six and eighteen months. This is why information always has to be traceable.”

To lay good foundations for this process, Aspen implemented the SAP ERP platform in 2016. This implementation was just the first step. “I noticed that despite our new platform, it didn’t immediately result in more efficient work,” explains the Supply Chain Director. “For example, our process was quite prone to errors. As a result, we had to make extensive manual corrections, which resulted in a heavy workload. For example, incorrect invoices were regularly returned to us. We decided to tackle these issues at the root: our data management.”

The solution: Precisely/Winshuttle

Van Dingstee explains that when implementing the data management approach, there are a few ingredients that are indispensable: “We use a data extraction tool to check, structure and clean up our data. We can upload our data to SAP in bulk using the Precisely/Winshuttle software that Ctac supplied and implemented. We use the Winshuttle workflow solution to record data processes and automate operations.”

Does your company also need efficient Data Management?

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