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Collecting and managing (master) data across business processes has never been easier.
Jamie Broeren

Data Advisor

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Used mostly for (master) data maintenance, validation and data collection.

Contributes to good data governance policies.

A full integration with SAP ERP, allowing for low code

Automate Evolve: Reaches beyond ‘the big four’

Automate Evolve is the only data management platform specifically designed to digitize strategic data processes in SAP. Not just for the big four like Customer, Vendor, Materials and Finance, but for all business processes and SAP transaction codes involved. Think of product launches, onboarding and maintaining customers and suppliers, setting up general ledger accounts and plant maintenance. So also BOMs, routings, classifications, price conditions and so on can be managed with Automate Evolve. The platform has the same functionalities as Precisely Automate Studio, but with some indispensable extensions.

The many benefits of Automate Evolve

1. Digitize complex business processes
With Automate Evolve, you build solutions that start the right processes and subprocesses to collect, approve or perform tasks across multiple data objects. As a result, your company’s data is always current, because it is clear to every employee when they need to provide what data. Data collection is fast and error-free. And because it is clear to everyone how they should submit the data and can validate the data in the meantime, data corrections are a thing of the past. Because you can run a workflow in parallel, several people or departments can simultaneously deliver the data that is expected of them. This makes the process even faster and the turnaround time can be reduced by 50%.

2. Process multiple records with patented SmartTables.
With unique SmartTables technology, teams work faster and get more done in less time. Use this technology to create or update multiple records in a single form.

3. Easy mass uploads.
For example, choose role-based Web forms for business users to handle one or a few related records. Or use Excel workbooks for mass uploads.

4. Greater flexibility
With Automate Evolve, flows can be easily adapted to today’s demands. Has a business process changed? Then the workflow is adapted to it in no time! Because Evolve is low code, this can even be done by an SAP key user instead of the IT department.

5. Ensure control and the right audit trails
Because Automate Evolve allows you to trace exactly who has supplied or created which data in SAP, an audit report can easily be drawn up. If you wish to restrict a user’s rights within a certain process (e.g. when extracting data from SAP), this is also no problem with Precisely and easy to arrange.

Precisely Automate: easy to get started with SAP

Ctac is the exclusive partner of Precisely in the Netherlands. Curious about the possibilities of Precisely? Read more about how Precisely contributes to faster and easier work with SAP.

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Jamie Broeren

Data Advisor

Used mostly for (master) data maintenance, validation and data collection.

Contributes to good data governance policies.

A full integration with SAP ERP and build low code partly because of this.

NS Stations streamlines item and establishment management with Precisely and Ctac