WAAK, a bespoke plastics, wiring and metal company, has undergone a transformational IT journey. WAAK is an industrial supplier and professional service provider in manufacturing, working with people distanced from the labour market. With a focus on sustainability and getting ready for the next generation, they took on the challenge of replacing their ERP system. And that wasn’t easy, given the outdated system that had been around for more than 30 years.

The challenge

WAAK’s old ERP software was 100% custom software. We started this in the late 1980s,’ says Connie Devroe, Business Process & IT Manager WAAK. The three challenges of renewing it were proper scope monitoring, change management for the organisation and the size of the project, ‘where we had a major migration and integration to other systems‘.

''WAAK chose Ctac because of the experience they could present in the supply chain, especially production and planning were important to us. We felt a very good match with the culture of WAAK and Ctac right from the start.'' Connie Devroe, Business Process & IT Manager WAAK

The solution

Despite ups and downs, Ctac and WAAK stuck to the common goal: digitisation and improvement. To achieve this, WAAK opted for an ERP implementation with Ctac, switching to S/4HANA.

The result? ‘A full S/4HANA implementation with a broad logistics scope, with which WAAK is ready for the future. And we are proud of that.’ – Lode Feyaerts, SAP Solution Architect Ctac. Now WAAK is at the start of a new chapter, in which effective implementation and roll-out of the system is central.

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