Until recently, Microsoft’s Cloud Partner Program had two different partner statuses: Silver and Gold. Microsoft has completely changed its model in order to better differentiate between different types of partner. Under the new framework, partners can earn designation in different categories. A designation makes it clear in which areas the partner is an expert as well as the level of expertise.


In order to be appointed a solutions partner by Microsoft with proven expertise in a specific category, you need to score points on various aspects. This can be done in different ways, such as by bringing in new customers (performance) or by making existing customers even more successful (customer success). The third way partners can score points is having colleagues attend training courses and become certified (skilling).

Ctac has currently gained designation from Microsoft in several categories: Modern Work, Security and Infrastructure. Ctac also specialises in Azure Virtual Desktop. Our designations are based, among other things, on a large number of certifications – and Ctac currently has a total of 56. This number will continue to rise further in the near future.

Useful training courses

Business Consultant Chinouk Broekman works at Ctac on our partnership with Microsoft. She is delighted by the Microsoft designations. “It’s great to see how our colleagues have been working in recent months to complete these certificates. They are often tough training courses that require you to absorb lots of information. Our customers can now see even more clearly what we can contribute in the area of Microsoft’s cloud solutions.” Ctac is also aiming to receive Microsoft designation for Data & AI and Digital & App Innovation in the near future.