You’ve likely heard of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s cloud platform that offers your business access to a super-fast and flexible IT environment, at a low cost (and not only if you’re Dutch!) Here are five things you need to know about AWS.

With a turnover of around 470 billion dollars (in 2021) and 1.3 million employees (in 2020), Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world. It’s no surprise that Amazon’s cloud platform is unequalled in size and computing power – and that brings a whole host of benefits.

1. AWS offers lots of added value

Okay, we dare you. Think of anything, and AWS offers it. From infrastructure technologies such as computing power, storage and databases, to emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics and the Internet of Things. AWS has lots of added value, with a huge array of services and features. This means you can move existing applications to the cloud and build almost anything you can think of quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

2. AWS meets the security requirements for the military

When you’re that big, security really matters. Amazon has that taken care of, too. AWS’ core infrastructure meets the security requirements for the military, global banks and other highly sensitive organisations. Add to that 230 security, compliance and governance services and functions, 98 security standards and compliance certifications, and 117 AWS services with the ability to store client data in encrypted form.

3. AWS loves to innovate

AWS employs a whole lot of tech-fiends. And what could be more fun than experimenting with new technologies? Well, that’s the way they see it. As an example, AWS engineers built SageMaker, a fully managed machine learning service that enables everyday developers and scientists to use machine learning without them requiring any previous experience. In this way, many more successful innovations have been rolled out from the AWS experimental incubator. And thanks to AWS’ enthusiasm for innovation, they also make it easier for AWS users to innovate

4. AWS has been around for over sixteen years

If you see AWS as the new kid on the block, you’re wrong. AWS has been around for over sixteen years, meaning it’s past its teething problems. And for a cloud platform, that’s really quite mature.

5. AWS has a huge community

AWS has millions of active clients and tens of thousands of partners. It has clients in almost every industry, including start-ups, large corporations and organisations in the public sector. The AWS Partner Network (APN) has thousands of system integrators, including Ctac, who specialise in AWS services, and tens of thousands of independent software vendors. And that means huge amounts of knowledge and experience.

Why should you opt for Ctac as your AWS partner?

  • Availability: Ctac has a large number of AWS-certified professionals which allows us to help you on short notice anytime.
  • Experience: Many customers initiated and completed their journey to cloud with Ctac. From cloud ready assesments, organizational change consultancy, End-2-End cloud migrations to cloud support en optimizations.
  • Forecasting: Optimize your inventory levels and production process by automatically predicting demand. The knowledge of Ctac and the power of AWS makes it possible.


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