Security leaks are an everyday occurrence nowadays, and they pose a major threat to business continuity. The risk of harm is enormous, and as a company you are considered foolish if you don’t pay attention to this. In this blog, we focus on the reasons.

Rising trend in number of external security attacks

The number of security attacks is increasing daily, and the worldwide tension between the USA, China, Russia and other major powers only makes things worse. It’s clear that massive efforts are going into attempts to gain access to company data and, above all, company secrets. On the other hand, cyber criminals are also doing their very best to steal the personal data of customers. They can sell this data for commercial purposes, since having a large database with information about potential customers is extraordinarily attractive for many parties. They are willing to pay a lot of money for this.

Discontinuity of business processes and loss of reputation due to ransomware

Many security attacks on companies involve ransomware. This consists of installing encryption software on server systems, making these systems unusable. The company concerned must pay a ransom for the key that can undo the encryption. Until the ransom is paid, production processes and business processes are at a standstill. And this is only the direct economic harm resulting from discontinuity of these processes. If the outside world becomes aware of this sort of attack, there is also a loss of reputation. It’s not a good look if your company is in the news due to a security incident, for example, involving the theft of customer data. If it happens only once, it will probably be forgiven. If it occurs more frequently, your existing customers and potential customers will think twice about whether it’s a good idea to do business with a company that clearly does not have its affairs in order.

Internal threats – both intentional and unintentional – are greater than supposed

Despite popular conceptions, threats from inside the company are often greater than the risks from outside. Employees might be careless with passwords, click on dubious links, or do other things that violate the security policy. This is often unintentional, but that doesn’t make the impact any less. However, 50 percent of cyber incidents of this sort are intentional. For example, an employee of the construction company Strukton Rail recently took off with the names, addresses, birthdates and bank account numbers of all current and previous employees of the company. This is no exception. Of course, how sensitive a company is to corporate fraud depends on the type of company and how many company secrets they have. Nevertheless, this is a threat that certainly should not be underestimated.

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The risk of harm from cyber threats is enormous. If your company does not deal appropriately with security, you run the risk of being regarded as a fool, which is not something anyone wants. With the maximum attention and smart services of Ctac,