Research has shown that four out of ten Dutch people suffer with information stress on a daily basis. More than sixty percent have indicated that they regularly receive irrelevant information. Employees also have to switch between different systems and apps all day long in order to perform their work activities. The time is right for a smart workplace.

From chaos…

We all know what it’s like: a desktop completely covered with icons, a list of Internet Explorer favorites that is impossible to make head nor tail of, and a phone full of additional apps the purpose of which has by now become far from obvious. Not the ideal starting point for an efficient working day. Ctac’s iConnect allows you to streamline the collaboration between your employees and increase their productivity. iConnect offers all employees their own personal digital starting point. Every organisation has applications and data that must be available to all employees. For example, your internal and external company news or an employee’s own personnel file. However, all employees also have their own favorites.

…to clarity

iConnect brings all this data together in a clear way in a collection of ’tiles’: squares with information users can click on to go to their favorite applications and sites. If your employee is often in contact with customers, a CRM tile will be available. If an employee is working on a certain project, the employee will have a tile leading to the relevant SharePoint site. The employee gets to decide which and how many tiles are visible, in what order they are shown and how big they are.

Practice what you preach

Naturally, we also work with iConnect. At the top of my personal page, I see our company news: our Q3 figures, news about our new corporate identity, but also all information about the upcoming Ctac Saint Nicholas celebrations. I also see tiles to LinkedIn, Teams and my most important project sites. I can see data straight from SAP: how many hours I have registered and how many hours I still have to enter this week.  Another tile is connected to our HR system and tells me that I can still take 3.6 leave days this year. I can also directly sign up for our internal Retail Experience Event that will take place shortly. Everything that is most relevant to me is shown together in a clear way. Information stress? Not me.

Want to find out more?

Are you interested in the possibilities of such a personal, digital workplace for your employees? How can you provide one digital workplace that systematically and effortlessly combines all information and business applications in your own corporate style? Please contact us for more information.