Your organisation is growing. This is good news, but it also comes with challenges. How do you prevent growing pains from getting in the way of your development?

Digitalisation plays an important role in business growth. It often puts extra pressure on directors of small and medium businesses . It may feel as if they are handing over control, which is something most company directors are fairly protective about. GROW with SAP helps organisations to follow the right path and say goodbye to outdated technology solutions that no longer fit their business goals.

GROW with SAP offers a complete package. As a suite in a box, it comes with solutions, services, a community and access to learning opportunities. It supports SMEs in their digital transformation and speeds up the implementation process by providing best practices. The goal is to successfully implement Cloud ERP. You plan the road towards that goal together with your partner.

GROW with SAP has many advantages, of which I’ll mention a few here.


The central focus of GROW with SAP is flexibility. It uses the public edition of SAP S/4HANA as its starting point to enable organisations to adapt their IT infrastructure to their changing business needs and growth quickly and efficiently without the need for major investments in hardware or software.

Scalable cloud solutions

There are many different ways and levels when it comes to working in the cloud. GROW with SAP understands that your business needs can change quickly. The scalable cloud solutions offered by GROW with SAP allow you to scale up quickly at a competitive rate as required.

A rapid go-live

GROW with SAP is based on a modular approach and can be rolled out in stages. Rather than trying to meet the full wish list in single day, it is designed to tackle business-critical challenges and to go live quickly with a flexible basic platform. This allows you to benefit from your investment more quickly, get your employees used to the platform and build on a stable foundation for further structured growth without putting any unnecessary strain on your employees at short notice. We then address the other requirements step by step.

Further in-house development

One disadvantage of legacy platforms is that further development is expensive. You need to hire external parties or expensive programmers to develop any additional functionalities. The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) in GROW with SAP has made this unnecessary. Thanks to low-code and no-code, you can quickly and easily adapt the applications yourself and configure them according to your wishes without the need for expert technical knowledge. SAP BTP is a business platform where users can share solutions for data and analytics, application development and automation, integration, enterprise planning and AI technology.

Improved customer experience

GROW with SAP offers solutions for customer experience improvement. These solutions help you to better understand customers’ needs and expectations so that your SME can respond to them in an optimal way. For instance, SAP Customer Experience tracks all customer interactions from sales and marketing to transport and service. This enables companies to better understand what their customers want and how they can meet their needs. It delivers personalised experiences based on purchase history, preferences and interests.

Better decision-making

You may have taken important decisions for your small to medium-sized business partly based on gut feeling. However, the more your organisation grows, the more difficult this becomes – simply because you can’t see the big picture. GROW with SAP ensures that you have the data you need to keep making the right decisions.

Access to the SAP Community

GROW with SAP gives you access to the SAP Community. Users, developers, consultants and students come together in this community to exchange ideas and experiences. It is the perfect environment to ask questions and/or gain information about your digital transformation.

Ctac’s knowledge of your industry

Even with a complete standard suite like GROW with SAP, an ERP implementation partner with the right industry knowledge is crucial for ensuring a project is successful. Our consultants have been working with organisations in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, real estate, professional services and government for decades to resolve their automation issues. They know what the needs of specific sectors are and apply the capabilities of GROW with SAP to meet those needs. They are real partners who know how to listen, give advice and, above all, roll up their sleeves to successfully guide you through your project.

GROW with SAP event June 7

Curious about the possibilities of starting with GROW with SAP? Then register for the Ctac GROW with SAP event on 7 June.