That’s why a modern ERP, the basis for all key data within your organisation, is essential. S/4HANA from SAP is one of the best-known modern ERP platforms on the market. Why do you need this platform? And how can you tell for yourself?

When I talk to people about ERP, I often hear: “I already have a system that works.” But just because a system works, doesn’t mean that it can’t be made better. I’ve seen many organisations where data is still spread across multiple systems, and departments that each keep data separately in different places.

Furthermore, key company data and KPIs are often incomplete and unclear, and reports have to run in the background through the night just to gather all the data. You then need to process and correct the data collected in the reports first thing the next day before gaining insights into your stock and supply chain before being able to move on and take action.

In addition, systems often fail to meet the requirements for modern ways of working. In recent years, we’ve become used to intuitive, interactive and smart apps and operating systems. Rather than having to hunt for the relevant information like order statuses and upcoming sales orders in all sorts of places yourself, you want the system to take you to the information that requires your attention.

Make your work simpler and more rewarding

A modern ERP should support your business activities and, crucially, make it easier for you and your colleagues to do your work. The good news is that the modern user experience we’ve become so accustomed to in apps on our smartphones is now within reach for your ERP. Switching to such a system will radically change how you work – for the better.