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Ensure high-quality digital content with Bynder DAM

Customers come into contact with your brand in many different places. The number of touchpoints is growing by the day. It is therefore a growing challenge to keep (digital) content consistent across all channels. That’s why it’s so important to maintain content centrally. In the same way, it’s important to ensure that all digital assets comply with the same stringent quality requirements and brand guidelines.

Marketing and branding departments often face challenges relating to the efficiency, planning and uniformity of the content that’s being developed, managed and published. Examples include having to quickly pull together the right images for a campaign, working with external partners and sharing content or monitoring adherence to design guidelines. Bynder DAM is changing all that.

Work more efficiently

Whether you’re working on rebranding, brand positioning, digital transformation or large-scale growth, Bynder DAM enables your marketing and branding departments to work more efficiently. Bynder DAM ensures a uniform approach to all your marketing and campaign activities. It acts as the digital workbench in the cloud for your organisation.

Bynder brand portal

Bynder DAM makes it possible to guarantee brand consistency, facilitate locating assets in a single source of truth, easily share assets with customers, partners or suppliers and streamline creative processes.

More and more organisations are using Bynder DAM to manage their digital content swiftly and to distribute it in the right format to numerous marketing and sales channels, such as e-commerce, web, email, social media and print. With a market reputation of being extremely user-friendly, Bynder DAM is also rapid to implement and ensures that content is available for distribution across your channels in a uniform way.

Dozens of integrations with Bynder

To get the most out of Digital Asset Management, it’s important to buy a tool that connects easily with your existing platforms. This reduces the risk of errors and leaves you more time to grow your business. There are already dozens of systems with which Bynder DAM integrates seamlessly, from CMS and PIM to creative tools.

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Yentl Bosma

PIM and DAM advisor