Ctac Private Cloud

Have a powerful, secure foundation for your cloud infrastructure and applications in Ctac's private cloud.
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The advantages of the Ctac Private Cloud

Twin data centre architecture will ensure that your applications are always available

As easy to scale up or down as in a public cloud

Meets all security and disaster requirements

Ctac Private Cloud

Maximum control over your cloud infrastructure and applications

Ctac Private Cloud is a secure, modern cloud environment that is always available. It gives your organisation a powerful and scalable foundation for your entire IT landscape.

Advantages of Ctac Private Cloud:

Easy to scale up or down

Ctac has five data centre locations in the Amsterdam region that deliver fully virtualised infrastructure capacity. The approach is pay-per-use, so you can scale the necessary computing and storage capacity up and down just as easily as in the public cloud. Ctac offers capacity from its private cloud on Intel platforms and on the IBM Power platform. This gives you a choice of different SLA KPI levels and a great deal of freedom to place applications in Ctac’s cloud.

Redundant fibre-optic connection

Two out of five locations provide the connections to your company network (Points of Presence). Our own servers, storage and back-up facilities are installed at the other three data centres. All data centre locations are interconnected with a redundant fibre-optic connection so that you always have access to your applications.

Meet security, redundancy and disaster requirements

The data centres meet all the security, redundancy and disaster requirements. They are also located close together. As a result, we can offer synchronous data replication that allows us to quickly switch to another data centre in the event of a disaster. This will keep your applications running without any lost data and with minimal downtime. Ctac has been named an SAP Excellent hosting partner partly thanks to the architecture of its private cloud.

Specialised in SAP applications

Ctac Private Cloud offers capacity for all your applications. We specifically specialise in infrastructures for SAP applications that includes the Intel Windows line and the IBM Power platform with Linux as the operating system. We offer our HANA TDI platform for SAP HANA systems and for S/4HANA. We have built this based on IBM Power in-memory technology with excellent performance characteristics and huge scalability opportunities. Scaling up and down can be granular in small (memory) steps.

ExpressRoute to Azure

We can connect our Ctac Private Cloud to Microsoft Azure with an ExpressRoute connection. This gives you the flexibility to place those applications in the cloud that will give you the most benefits. Want to fully protect your cloud infrastructure and applications from the outside world?

Ctac will be happy to help you do this by implementing a suitable infrastructure in our private cloud. To find out more, contact us.

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