Digitalum (Lummen, Belgium), the knowledge partner for SAP e-commerce solutions and
Ctac (Den Bosch, Netherlands), the knowledge partner for SAP ERP solutions, have joined forces to work with inriver, developer of the leading SaaS platform for Product Information Management, to develop a powerful integration adaptor between SAP Commerce Cloud and inriver PIM.

Partnership between inriver and SAP

At the end of 2021, inriver announced that they had entered into a partnership with SAP, the world leader in ERP and customer experience solutions. The first step in this collaboration was to provide integration between SAP’s Commerce Cloud e-commerce solution and the inriver PIM platform.

Partnership between Digitalum and Ctac

Since it was founded in 2018, Digitalum has focused exclusively on e-commerce solutions and has brought together a fast-growing team of senior experts in this field. Since it was founded in 1992, Ctac has worked on a wide range of software solutions and services and during this period has built up extensive knowledge of and expertise in both SAP ERP solutions and the inriver PIM platform.

Pooling the knowledge of both organisations created the perfect mix to develop the integration adaptor between SAP Commerce Cloud and inriver PIM.

Development of the integration adaptor

The functional requirements were discussed with inriver at the start of the development. The integration adaptor is based on the inriver integration framework (IIF), which ensures that every inriver customer can connect their PIM system to these e-commerce systems hassle-free.

Based on the many SAP CC implementations it has carried out, Digitalum has drawn up a best practice for setting up an SAP CC platform and based its preferred architecture on this, which is widely applicable, offers a great deal of flexibility and is easy to implement using the SAP CC Integrations API framework. This makes it easy to set up SAP CC catalogues without additional Java development costs. Synchronisation with inriver PIM product catalogues is also seamlessly guaranteed. The customised SAP CC module developed by Digitalum for inriver integration is scalable and delivers good performance.

The integration adaptor developed by Ctac connects seamlessly with Digitalum’s SAP CC module and is easy to extend, so that it grows with your company’s e-commerce ambitions. Thanks to the unique IIF set-up, the integration adaptor can be used with any inriver PIM implementation. All the catalogue functionalities offered by inriver PIM, such as product variants, cross- and up-selling links, substitute products, product bundles, product images and others are supported by the integration adaptor.

What does this collaboration mean for you?

That depends on whether you’re using SAP ERP or S/4 HANA and are looking for a PIM solution. inriver is now more than ever the most logical solution. If you work with SAP Commerce Cloud and want to take Product Information Management to the next level, inriver is the obvious choice here, too. These are fairly common implementations with a fast turnaround time, and can be completed within a few months, depending on your wishes.

If you want to take your product information to the next level or would like to know more about integrating SAP and inriver, please do not hesitate to contact me.