In this video series, we ask our consultants about realised client solutions that they are proud of. Senior Data Management Consultant Roy op ‘t Veld discusses digitising financial processes in this interview.

What was your client’s challenge?

Our client wanted to digitise their financial processes and thereby structure and standardise them. This included a focus on the vendor onboarding process and various financial transactions in SAP.

Besides improving SAP processes, they also wanted to include processes that did not end up in SAP. Like requesting a lease car, for instance. To achieve this, they were looking for a tool that could help them and enable them to develop these processes themselves.

The customer was already using Automate Studio to perform Mass loads. Automate Evolve was later purchased to follow through and set up full workflow processes.

How did you tackle this challenge? What was the solution you implemented?

First of all, I provided training to the employees who were going to take care of solution development. The training consisted of two parts: a 3-day refresher course for Automate Studio and, shortly afterwards, also a 3-day course on Automate Evolve. The goal is that a customer can build solutions themselves after receiving support during the start-up phase.

After the training, I stayed involved for developer support. I transferred this to a colleague after some time, who became extra involved because of the need to scale up.

I also started developing the vendor onboarding process after the training sessions. Later, my responsibilities expanded to include developing the Intercompany Recharge process and the process to request lease cars.

What was the result of your solution/action for the customer?

We supported developers and taught them different techniques to develop forms. Furthermore, we defined different standards to standardise the look and feel of forms. As a result of this support, 2 forms went live. These have now been used several hundred times.

For the development of the vendor form, the end result was a first draft. A client-side developer is following this up further.

The intercompany and lease car process was fully developed by me and prepared for go-live. In consultation with the client, it is determined whether further support for go-live is needed, or whether the team at the client carries this out itself.

Also want to digitise your company’s financial processes?

Do you also want to improve SAP processes and include processes that did not end up in SAP?

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