SAP recently released S/4HANA 2021. Within this new release, several new features are added. In this blog I’d like to share my top 3 favorites of these new features.

Plant Maintenance Integration

The biggest new feature is the Plant Maintenance Integration. With this new feature, EWM supports the process to stage spare parts for planned maintenance operations triggered by Plant Maintenance (PM) orders.

In addition, they’ve added functionality to stage spare parts by manually created Material Reservations.

2. MES Integration (SAP DMC)

MES driven staging is a new staging method which is added to the already existing staging methods within EWM. MES driven staging allows MES systems to send staging request to EWM, which is mapped to the corresponding warehouse request within EWM. EWM executes the staging process and updates the status to the MES system.

This staging process is supported by lay-out oriented storage control (POSC/LOSC) and the tracking of the staging process including status. In addition, staged quantities can be done with EWM and the MES system.

3. New innovations

Finally, with this new release SAP added net innovations on already existing features. Find below the most interesting ones:

  • Attachment Services for Handling Units: Possibility to store pictures on handling unit level. Show and upload attachments in FIORI apps.
  • New analytical CDS view: New CDS view for Storage Space Utilization (C_EWM_StorageBinQ)
  • Enhancements of APIs
    • Change inbound deliveries
    • Create warehouse tasks

Would you like to see a complete overview of the new features and find out how they can help improve your organization? Send a message to [email protected] or visit our Supply Chain page.