In 1992, Dirk Frimout was the first Belgian to go into space aboard the Atlantis space shuttle. This adventure even earned him an honourable mention in the Suske en Wiske comic book “The Dying Star”. Despite the title, this blog isn’t about space vehicles, but a data management solution. Perhaps not exciting enough for a comic book, but certainly not lacking in importance for a successful, data-driven organisation. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the three modules of Winshuttle Studio.

What is Winshuttle?

Winshuttle software is used to create, maintain and collect SAP ERP data. Winshuttle can be used by business users to easily create and maintain both master and transactional data in SAP ECC or S/4HANA. Winshuttle can also be deployed throughout the organisation to automate and streamline business processes based on real-time data, using the Winshuttle webforms and workflow applications. What makes Winshuttle unique is that it enables business users to manage their own data and processes with support and access control from their IT departments – but without being dependent on IT colleagues.

Winshuttle Studio Transaction: power to the people!

Winshuttle Studio consists of three parts: Transaction, Query and Direct. The first in the list, Transaction, is amazingly popular with users. Why? Because it enables (non-technical) business users to take back ownership of their data. They can use the Excel spreadsheets they know and love to upload, amend and download data from SAP without involving the IT department – making it simpler, faster and less prone to errors!

Winshuttle Studio Query: for quick decision-makers

Winshuttle Query is an SAP query and analysis tool that allows you to extract real-time data from SAP to known interfaces, such as Excel. This allows colleagues to easily extract the data they need from SAP for reports, for example, to improve your operational and strategic decision-making processes. In addition, Winshuttle Query can be used in combination with Transaction for data maintenance. Using Winshuttle Query, the data can easily be extracted from SAP, amended in Excel and reloaded into SAP at the click of a button. All without any IT involvement and done in double-quick time by the business user who needs it right now.

Winshuttle Studio Direct: efficient and secure

With Direct, you can manage SAP application data more efficiently by using BAPIs and RFMs to load, retrieve or modify data. IT can relax, knowing that the access to BAPIs, RFMs and the associated Excel jobs is very secure and only accessible with valid SAP credentials and the right authorisation. This is also the case with Transaction and Query. If you don’t have access rights for certain transaction codes within SAP, you won’t be able to access them via Winshuttle either.

The management and ownership of data is put back where it belongs: with the business user. All the while using an approach that doesn’t require any technical knowledge – just familiar interfaces such as Excel. It’s not rocket science, but it is really useful!