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By creating a central and reliable source of information, you improve data quality and structure.
Improve your data quality and structure
Work with one source of truth
Get more control over your assets
Laszlo de Kleijn

Datamanagement & Analytics advisor

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Streamline your data

Collecting, creating and enriching data is becoming increasingly complex. The result? The creation of “proprietary” data sets with low data quality and inconsistent information. To end data fragmentation, it is important to strive for a single source of truth. This requires a focused approach, such as implementing Data Governance & Architecture.

It is also important to invest in Product Content Management, which streamlines your content across all channels. In doing so, explore the possibilities of PIM and DAM solutions for efficient management of your product information and digital assets.

The right information at the right time

Good data management means solidly setting up your data infrastructure. You make the right data available to the right person, at the right time. With Data Governance, you get the most out of your data and minimize risks. In other words, data allows you to anticipate faster.

Data Governance framework

To manage the process of Data Governance, you can use a Data Governance framework. With this framework, you establish rules and processes around the collection, storage and use of data.

How do you prepare your organisation for Data Governance?

– By establishing clear processes and objectives around data.
– By gathering the right information around Data Governance.
– By using the right technology that enables Data Governance.

Setting up good Data Governance often requires organizational or process changes. Ctac helps you design your policy and translate it into practical activities and measures. By constantly testing your guidelines, you ultimately develop a professional policy.

Ensure data consistency with Enterprise Architecture

But what if your organization changes? For example by acquisitions, assortment changes and new sales channels and business models Ctac also advises in the field of architecture and integration, so that the consistency of your data remains guaranteed.

Commit to Data Quality Management

Data management only works when the data is also reliable. By making good agreements about responsibilities and processes, you increase data quality. Data Quality Management costs time and money, but outweighs the efforts to repair damage caused by poor data quality.

SAP Precisely (Winshuttle) Evolve

Precisely transforms your organization by turning everyday SAP users into power users. From creating new customers to simplifying financial closings to managing bills of materials and BOM recipes. Precisely makes it possible.

Ctac: exclusive partner of Precisely (Winshuttle) in the Netherlands

Precisely simplifies SAP processes for more than 3,000 users worldwide, resulting in significant time and cost savings. At Ctac, 15 experienced Precisely experts are on hand to ensure that adoption and implementation go smoothly. And even after going live, we offer support and expansion options to get the most out of Precisely.

Your partner in data management

At Ctac, we translate your digital ambition into a well thought-out data strategy. With our endless curiosity, we understand better than anyone how you are shaping your organization. Collaborating with Ctac means choosing a partner who not only looks at the possibilities, but at what really suits your organization. We put your success first.

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