Your product information transparent and accessible to everyone. How do you prepare your organisation for the arrival of the Digital Product Passport (DPP)? Download our whitepaper.

In the whitepaper, we cover:

What is the Digital Product Passport?

DPP's impact on business management

Here's how to prepare for the DPP

The opportunity the Digital Product Passport offers you

The digital product passport is coming, also for your organisation. This presents you with an opportunity. If you take the right preparatory measures in time, you can gain a significant competitive advantage. A fully transparent and demonstrably environmentally friendly product also offers added value for your customers. How do you seize this opportunity?

Download the whitepaper

Embrace the revolution

The DPP is revolutionising transparency and data management. It is important to embrace it with the entire organisation from day one. It is an opportunity to look together at optimisation of your product information and carbon footprint. Ctac’s specialists will be happy to help you with this. They know exactly what challenges there are and look specifically at your organisation’s situation.

Curious about what the introduction of the Digital Product Passport means? In our white paper Product information management as a foundation: how to prepare your organisation for the Digital Product Passport (DPP) you can read:

– What the DPP is.
– What impact DPP has on business management.
– How to prepare your organisation for the DPP.
– How important product information management (PIM) is.
– A practical example about the advantages of PIM and DPP.
– How Ctac helps your organisation on its way.