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Establish clear rules for your data processing and make sure your data policy grows with your organisation.
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Data Governance: ensuring clear ownership

Just like when driving in traffic, you need to know the rules and regulations in an organisation in order to reach your destination or goal. Data governance is a set of rules, guidelines, tasks and responsibilities relating to the data in your organisation. With good data governance, you guarantee the quality, reliability, security and correct use of your data.

Who guarantees the data quality?

In many organisations, the data management team is responsible for (master) data. But that team is rarely the source of data. It comes from various internal expert departments, and external parties. As a result, under this structure, business experts are not in control of their own data. And perhaps even worse: sometimes they don’t know what the data needs to comply with. So how can reliability be assured?


Good data governance is a growth process

Setting up good data governance often requires changes to the organisation or its processes. This starts with clear ownership of your data and processes. Who is responsible for which data at any given time? Ctac helps you define your data governance policy and translate it into practical activities and measures to give your organisation more control over its data. This is a growth process. By testing your guidelines at each step, you will end up with a professional policy.

Enterprise architecture: assuring data consistency

Alongside governance, your enterprise architecture is another important pillar of data management. Your applications, databases, processes and organisations are all constantly changing. This may be due to acquisitions, changes to product ranges, new sales channels and business models. Ctac can advise your organisation on the architectural and integration aspects in order to guarantee the consistency of your data.

Do you want to organise your data governance coherently and review the details of your data architecture?

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