Floating Basket

With a customer-specific shopping cart that floats with the customer, you easily achieve a channel- and device-transcending shopping experience.
Ivo van der Raad

Unified Commerce Expert

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With our floating basket you:

Streamline the customer experience with support for the most complex customer journeys

Provide a shopping basket that is independent of channels or devices and increases ease of shopping

Benefit from technology that is the result of more than 25 years’ experience in the retail sector

Ensure an enjoyable and seamless shopping experience

Customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex. Your customer places an order online in your webshop from their kitchen table and wants to collect the product from their nearest store. When they’re in the store, they see an interesting offer they’d like to add to their basket. That’s possible, but often requires the complex integration of several systems.

Customer-specific shopping basket available anytime, anywhere

This kind of integration is a thing of the past with Ctac Floating Basket, which provides a unique, customer-specific shopping basket that customers can take with them. It doesn’t matter when and where the transaction is created or finalised as there’s only one version of the basket – whether your customer is at their kitchen table or in your store!


A headless shopping basket with multiple touchpoints

Our Floating Basket is the culmination of 25 years of experience in the retail sector. Available from our POS solution XV Retail in the store for QueueBuster or a self-scan app, for example, Floating Basket can also be used within your app or webshop. Thanks to the cloud approach and open architecture, all touchpoints can be used to edit the unique shopping basket, whether it’s adding, editing or removing items. Just what you need for offering an enjoyable shopping experience.

Do you want to best serve your customer, no matter how complex the customer journey?

Meet Ctac’s Floating Basket and ensure a pleasant and consistent shopping experience.