Centralize the process of your existing systems to make collaboration even more efficient with Ometa.
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Ometa offers a no-code platform for system integration, digital collaboration and case management. The product company focuses on the continuous development and improvement of its software. The product of Ometa contains a worldwide-certified SAP connector and mainly uses Microsoft Office 365SharePoint to create new digital workspaces integrated with the back-end SAP processes.

Ctac is a platinum SAP partner and Microsoft Gold Partner for many years. As a result, Ctac and Ometa have joined forces in order to offer the best solutions for SAP customers and to provide high quality implementations of the Ometa platform.

About Ometa

Ometa is a software company with expertise in system integration and digital collaboration. In 2001, the company was founded with a clear goal: to manage and structure data for optimizing organizational operations. Ometa offers a no-code platform to create smart integrations between the world of structured data (e.g. stocks, invoices, products) and the world of unstructured data (e.g. e-mails, drawings, documents).

Ometa discloses data coming from multiple data sources or systems and creates a new collaboration layer in Office 365, in which the data can be processed in a user-friendly way. In the end, Ometa enables optimal flows of information management in order to streamline your business processes in realtime. This results in efficient collaboration between end-users and operational excellence for your organization. With a proven track record of successful implementations at high-end customers, a professional partner network, a highly skilled in-house development team and a dedicated support team, Ometa offers an Enterprise Ready product to solve any integration challenge.

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