In my previous blog post, I discussed the data management challenges Ruud and Peter are experiencing in their food processing company. Collecting (master) data from various departments isn’t easy. Ruud and Peter are spending too much time on it, and the data they collect is often incorrect or incomplete. This means that business-critical decisions are based on incorrect and incomplete data every day. Minor errors with potentially major consequences.

Fortunately, Ruud and Peter are aware of the problem. And their situation can be improved. I outline the following scenario to them. What if…

  • The various departments/colleagues know exactly which data they need to supply.
  • They can only transfer this data to the Data Management team if the data is correct and complete.
  • ​Data is collected in parallel, for several departments at the same time.
  • The Data Management team can see how far the workflow has progressed in real time.
  • Data Management team can immediately create the correct data in SAP at the touch of a button without having to correct anything afterwards.
  • The time spent on collecting data can be reduced by 50%

An overview of the benefits of data management

The optimal situation I present in my list is feasible, especially if the company is using the right supporting software. A data management solution has major advantages:

Huge time savings

With an easy-to-use solution like Winshuttle, you can reduce the time it takes to create different data objects – such as customer or material data – by 95%.

Simplified proces

You can also review and simplify various processes. For example, you can avoid complex Excel processes and analyses by applying the existing systems and tools correctly.

Manage the risks of (critical) business processes

With the right solutions in place, you can clean up existing data and introduce reliable procedures and agreements within the processes. This eliminates any data error margins and will then prevent any data warehouse bottlenecks caused by incorrect stocks, for example. Another advantage is that you won’t have to perform any stressful fixes following an incorrect calculation of customer prices.

As an example, see this case at Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company reduces process cycles for product launch by 56%

How to introduce data management software

The use of technology alone isn’t enough. Data management is a company-wide issue and must be assured throughout the organisation and across all processes. Ctac believes in an approach that translates the data governance policy into practical activities and in measures that put your organisation in control. We realise that data governance is not a project, but a continuous process.

To find out how we can help your organisation take data management to the next level, let us share our experiences with you and help you find the best solution for your organisation.