You have cut the Gordian knot: your organisation is moving to SAP S/4HANA. There are several ways to reach that destination. One is to use the very latest digital transformation concept: SAP RISE. But what exactly is it? We explain it to you in this blog post. 

As you know, there is a great deal involved in implementing a new and more modern IT system. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a difficult or tedious process. To make the transition to S/4HANA smooth and painless, SAP has introduced a new approach: SAP RISE. Put simply, it’s a collection of tools and services that allow your organisation to easily migrate to S/4HANA and then to get the most out of the system. SAP calls it Business Transformation as a Service. In this way, your organisation takes an important step closer to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise.

5 components of RISE

With SAP RISE, SAP offers a full package of optional services that make the implementation of S/4HANA – and working with it to maximum effect – as simple as possible. The RISE concept consists of five components:

  • Hosting on the SAP S/4HANA Public or Private Cloud
  • Various tools & services – including a Readiness Check – to carry out the actual migration, with assistance from an SAP Partner
  • SAP Business Process Intelligence to (re)model your business processes
  • SAP Business Technology Platform, a cloud platform with a sandbox of smart applications
  • SAP Business Network, including access to the Ariba Network and Asset Intelligence Network

Pay-per-use in a single contract

You choose which components of SAP RISE you purchase. The new factor here is that all these components are covered by a single contract instead of separate ones as in the past. You only pay for what you use. SAP offers a full, standardised package to easily migrate to S/4HANA, with the assistance of a partner such as Ctac.

Ctac S/4MOVE

You may prefer not to use a subscription model such as SAP RISE, but instead to go for a more classic licensing model – whether in the cloud or not. One reason for this might be that this kind of model offers you greater freedom to adapt the ERP to your specific situation. In that case, SAP RISE is not an option, but Ctac can still assist with a proven migration method, our Ctac S/4MOVE. This method consists of the following five steps:

  1. Inspiration & vision: we look at your organisation’s current situation and together define your detailed roadmap to S/4HANA.
  2. Preparation: we jointly determine the extent to which your organisation is ready for the next step, and what else is needed for seamless migration. In addition, we determine the best way for your organisation to take this step: either through an all-new implementation or a conversion of your current ECC system.
  3. Future architecture: together, we determine the ideal IT landscape for your organisation, based on an architecture that offers sufficient flexibility to be able to rapidly anticipate changes in the business.
  4. Implementation: this is when you actually make the switch to S/4HANA. With years of experience in the sectors where we operate, we know exactly what to look out for during implementation or conversion.
  5. Streamlining: after a successful implementation or conversion, we look together at how we can make your business processes even more efficient.

A method based on knowledge of customers and sectors

Ctac S/4MOVE’s strength lies above all in our customer and sector knowledge. We have developed long-standing relationships with many of our existing customers. This means we know these organisations inside out, including all the quirks that can crop up during the implementation of a new IT system. In addition, we can help new customers with our detailed knowledge of the Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Housing & Real Estate and Cross Industry sectors.

Moving to S/4HANA

SAP RISE gives you everything you need to make the move to S/4HANA with the help of an SAP Partner and to start your journey to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. This journey is based on a single contract and the flexibility of a subscription-based model, which offers you total peace of mind as a customer. If you prefer to opt for a more classic approach in which you maintain control yourself, Ctac can act as your partner, and guide and support you on your path to successful S/4HANA implementation.

Would you like to know more about SAP RISE or Ctac S/4MOVE? Get in touch with us.