Omni Customer Loyalty

Transform your customers into loyal fans by using a powerful loyalty platform for retailers and wholesalers.
Ivo van der Raad

Unified Commerce Expert

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Do you want to introduce a customer card, issue gift cards, offer employees a discount, or subscribe to loyalty programmes offered by third parties? With Omni Customer Loyalty from Ctac, you can do it all.

Loyalty programme Retail

A good loyalty programme increases customer engagement for your retail business. It enables you to increase turnover and reduce retention. With Omni Customer Loyalty from Ctac, you can easily run loyalty programmes that reward your loyal customers.

Loyalty programmes create engaged and loyal customers who you reward for the fact that they are shopping in your store or web shop. Programmes of this kind contribute to your revenue streams and help you to enrich your customer profiling.

A single version of the truth

The success of your loyalty programmes depends on their manageability. Customers who show their customer card need to receive their discount or loyalty points without any hassle. The same also applies when they purchase something from you online or via another channel. This requires a loyalty solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your checkouts, web shop, ERP solution and third-party systems such as AirMiles. Once your loyalty solution has been optimally integrated, it will act as a a central hub, creating a single version of the truth that serves as a foundation for all your systems.

Transform customers into fans with OCL

We want to help retail companies to transform their customers into loyal fans. That’s why we developed Omni Customer Loyalty (OCL), a powerful loyalty platform for retailers and wholesalers who want to turn ordinary customers into loyal fans.

Omni Customer Loyalty is an open platform that uses web services to effortlessly connect with your POS and other systems. The system includes standard connections for SAP, and can be easily integrated with your web shop. OCL can also be seamlessly integrated with our own POS solution XV Unified Commerce Platform.

Multiple programmes and types of cards

OCL allows you to manage multiple loyalty programmes at the same time. The platform also supports multiple types of card and savings system. You can work with euros and with credit points from external parties such as AirMiles. We have thought of all kinds of practical issues. For example, you can specify an exact upper limit for the number of points that can be saved. You can also specify precisely how much customers are allowed to spend. You can view the transaction history of every account at any time, and activating and disabling accounts is a simple matter of pressing a button.

Staff discounts are a breeze

Do you want to encourage your employees to buy from your store too? In that case, you can offer 500 euros to your employees tax-free every calendar year in the form of discounts on your products. This targeted exempted discount may not exceed 20% of the retail price. With Omni Customer Loyalty, monitoring these tax limits is a piece of cake. Once an employee has used up their free discount, they will no longer receive a discount. This allows you to easily meet all the requirements of the tax authorities.

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