Ctac operates in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our head office is in Den Bosch (Netherlands), so I travel between Belgium and the Netherlands quite often. That’s how I found out that some of the local traffic rules are different. For example, in the Netherlands a road can simply end: it gets narrower and narrower and then suddenly disappears. The maximum speeds for trunk roads are also different in each country. And in Belgium cars have to face the direction of traffic when they are parked on the side of the street, but in Netherlands they do not. So before you cross the border, you need to take a closer look at the rules.

The same applies to data management. Like countries, organisations need to draw up specific rules and guidelines in order to reach their destination. Data governance is a set of rules, guidelines, tasks and responsibilities related to the data in your organisation. With good data governance, you guarantee the quality, reliability, security and correct use of your data.

Ensure data reliability

In many organisations, the data management team is responsible for (master) data, but that team is rarely the source of data. It comes from various internal expert departments and external parties. With this set-up, business experts are not in control of their own data. And perhaps even worse: sometimes they don’t know what the data needs to comply with. So how can reliability be assured?

Clear ownership

Setting up good data governance often requires changes to the organisation or its processes. This starts with clear ownership of your data and processes. Who is responsible for which data at any given time? Ctac helps you define your data governance policy and translate it into practical activities and measures to give your organisation more control over its data. This is a growth process. By testing your guidelines at each step, you will end up with a professional policy.

This improves the data flow, clarifies things to all (road) users and reduces the number of accidents. Or as the traffic safety slogan says: “Follow the rules, save your future!”

If you want to get your data governance organised, visit https://www.ctacnv.com/expertises/data-management or contact me. We will then look at the solution for your organisation together.