Data & Analytics

Transform data into insights and make smarter and more effective decisions to push your organisation forward.

Danny Pieters

Business Development Manager

Make data and analytics an integral part of your business processes

Identify new opportunities more quickly and respond to your customers’ wishes more effectively

Gain advice on analytics tools, data collection support and help with data science

Data and analytics: why not take advantage?

Data, information, decisions. This is an obvious sequence, but in practice it’s not as straightforward as it seems. This means that you may miss out on opportunities. Because no matter how you look at it, if you can organise, analyse, process and even predict your data properly, your organisation will reap the benefits.

In search of hidden gems

Finding hidden gems inside your organisation is easier said than done, of course. We understand that. Data is like water from a tap, and all organisations currently use a lot of data. It’s therefore not a question of whether you are using data, but of how you are using data. Where are the hidden gems in your organisation? Can things be done in a smarter and more effective way? We know from experience that the answer to this question is often yes. The one-liner by famous football player Johan Cruyff is applicable here: “You won’t see it until you get it.”

The entire organisation benefits

Until recently, data analytics were synonymous with obtaining data from various systems. This was often perceived as complicated. Today, analytics are a fixed part of the solutions and can therefore be used quickly and easily by the organisation. Employees can analyse data and create reports themselves in order to make more informed decisions. They can more easily identify new opportunities, set up processes more efficiently and respond to the customers’ wishes more effectively. In short, they can grow their sales and save costs at the same time.

Get one step ahead

Analytics has made huge progress in recent years. We combine data, analytics, machine learning and process integration to come to new insights, allowing the entire organisation to work in a data-driven way. Ctac works on various architectural issues every day, and we advise you based on your specific customer request and situation. This enables us to help optimise your organisation to increase customer satisfaction, cut costs and maximise turnover: everyone in the organisation benefits.

Embedded Analytics, Self-Service Analytics, Augmented Analytics and Data Engineering & Architecture give every organisation more control and insight into data and even makes it possible to predict future results. This makes sure that you are always one step ahead.


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