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Avoid errors when manually entering product data. Use the ETIM extension to import product classifications to the inriver PIM system automatically.
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The Ctac ETIM product classification extension allows organisations to provide a full description of their technical product data in the industry-standard ETIM classification format. Using the ETIM standard enables construction companies and wholesalers to exchange information throughout the chain, for example.

The Ctac ETIM extension for inriver PIM makes it easy to document technical and commercial product characteristics. When an ETIM class is allocated to a product, the extension automatically generates a template based on the ETIM features. Your users will quickly find the right class with the help of existing or self-allocated synonyms.

Support for all language packs

Each template contains input fields that fully correspond with the features of the relevant class. Features are displayed as CVL fields in PIM, which prevents you from allocating any invalid values. The extension supports all ETIM language packs. It is therefore possible to maintain and publish data in every available language.

Static and dynamic variant

The Ctac extension has a static and a dynamic variant. The static variant is not automatically updated. The dynamic variant, however, automatically processes ETIM updates, so that you can be sure the product classifications are always up to date. Update changes are automatically processed, reported and indicated per product. You will immediately gain insight into any new features or additional values and you can process them straight away.

ETIM extension for Excel

If your organisation uses Microsoft Excel to maintain product data in bulk, Ctac will also provide an extension to import and export the ETIM data. This allows you to generate an Excel workbook containing a sheet with products and related features for each ETIM class quickly and easily. The extension automatically adopts list values so you can’t choose any invalid values in Excel. Once the enriched Excel workbook has been imported, the products are immediately updated in inriver PIM. You can also use the Excel extension to export product data for customers. The output is fully configurable. If your customers are using a data pool, you can instantly publish product data with an ETIM classification using the Ctac BMEcat Connector. The connector is seamlessly integrated with inriver PIM and communicates with any data pool that supports the BMEcat format.

Prepare your organization for the Digital Product Passport (DPP)

Your product information transparent and accessible to all. The digital product passport is coming, including for your organization. That presents you with an opportunity. If you take the right preparatory measures in time, you can gain a significant competitive advantage. A fully transparent and demonstrably environmentally friendly product also offers added value to your customers. How do you seize this opportunity?


Knowledge of ETIM and PIM

Ctac has plenty of experience with inriver PIM integrations. Our unique ETIM extension received a Marketplace award from inriver and, using this solution, we offer organisations a complete platform for product information management.

In this product video, we explain how our ETIM extension works with inriver’s PIM system.

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