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Precisely Automate makes managing SAP data and processing SAP processes easier than ever.
Jamie Broeren

Data Advisor

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Mass upload of master and transactional data in SAP from Excel

Real-time data download from SAP at the touch of a button

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of the leading Winshuttle partner in the Netherlands

Precisely Automate: work with SAP in a faster and easier way

Precisely Automate allows you to transform the way your organisation works. Powerful workflow processes and smart automation turn everyday SAP users into power users. They ensure that they can guarantee data quality, streamline projects and continuously improve processes in an unprecedented way.

Save time by automating SAP processes

Precisely Automate has countless possibilities to simplify your work in SAP. Some examples are mass uploads of master and transactional data from simple interfaces such as Excel to SAP, or real-time data downloads from SAP at the touch of a button. This makes it much easier to maintain your data. Other examples are the automation of SAP processes with the Precisely Automate Evolve workflow solution that is fully integrated with SAP.

Precisely Automate also allows external staff and partners to supply their SAP data via an offline interface. Precisely Automate can therefore be used for all business processes, such as creating new customers, suppliers or materials, simplifying the monthly or annual closing for the Finance department, or creating and maintaining bills of materials and BOM recipes. Precisely Automate Evolve can do it all.

Precisely Automate Studio vs. LSMW

Thousands of SAP users prefer the simple and flexible Precisely Automate Studio solution to SAP LSMW. Precisely Automate Studio reduces your organisation’s IT burden by allowing users to create and maintain scripts themselves without having to write a single line of code.

Erik Wingers


“We extract data from SAP within minutes and we also load new data back into the system just as quickly. Precisely Automate is easy to use. And if a supplier comes up with a major price change, we implement those changes in a short time. Of course, how much time we spend varies greatly from time to time, but on average we save as much as 70 to 80 percent in time.”

Simon van Dingstee

Supply Chain Director

“Employees got excited while thinking about how we could better organize data processes. It was very valuable to discuss why we do things the way we do them. Thinking about responsibilities, ownership and guidelines led to better understanding of the processes.”

Vincent Riebeek

Master Data Manager

“Thanks to Precisely Automate, I save a lot of time. Before, if I had to create new materials to be available worldwide, I was spending half a day. Now I can do that in half an hour. This speed is also much needed, because our organization is growing, but my department is not yet. That forces me to work faster and more accurately. Without Precisely Automate, I would never get my work done.”

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